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31Aug 2020

Patrice (CTO) Talks about Nurzee

Patrice, our CTO talks about how he helps #healthcarefacilities and #healthcareworkers grow graciously in there respective fields through Nurzee’s powerful and sophisticated software platforms.

23Aug 2020

Nurzee's amazing new Platform makes it easy for healthcare professionals to present resumes.

Nurzee just rolled out an amazing new platform that is changing the way healthcare professionals search and apply for jobs.

14Aug 2020

Dwayne (VP) talks about the problem Nurzee solves

Dwayne talks about the impact Nurzee is making in the healthcare staffing industry, and how it is revolutionizing the way healthcare staffers staff their facilities.

Our current products and platforms.

Nurzee currently has a vendor marketing system and a careCard on the market. Both platforms tremendously help the healthcare industry by improving on staffing procedures and policies.

Easy Online Setup

Set up your facility specific credentials & documents with your compliance team, and enter staffing requests. See, easy peasy.

Credential Compliance

We monitor credential compliance in our software system according to state, federal and facility specific requirements.

Streamlined System

Staffing agencies view your requests and begin submitting candidates to the Nurzee, Inc. VMS team to approve.

Easy Online Setup

Set up your specific credentials & experience online through our online careCard platform. Easy peasy.

Easy Job Placement

With our careCard, employers get more exposure to you credentials and are able to view and hire you quicker.

No more Resumes

Employers can now view your resume's right off our platform without have you send them copies or even worse, print them out.